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Palmazul believes strongly in encouraging and empowering all women to live free, happy and fulfilling lives. For us, this passion runs deep. It is at the core of who we are and central to our being. For that reason, Palmazul has formed a partnership with She-is, a non-profit foundation that empowers Colombian women - who are victims of conflict, poverty and violence - through peace entrepreneurship. She-is provides entrepreneurial training and education, supporting women to transform their unique skillsets and traditional production methods into sustainable business enterprises.

Palmazul supports the women of the Wayuu indigenous communities in Colombia’s Guajira, a part of our country where life is particularly difficult. The women of the Wayuu work as entrepreneurs and artisans, building livelihoods for their families and communities.

We purchase all of our mochilas under fair trade agreements, directly from the Wayuu women and then, using our platform, we share their wares with the world. Palmazul then donates 30% of the proceeds from every mochila sale directly to She-is, in support of its mission. 

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  • We design long-lasting, high quality products.
  • We use recyclable materials for our labels and stationary.
  • We pack our pieces in reusable, organic cotton bags and we post them using compostable satchels.  
  • We offer product care information to prolong its life.
  • We select our suppliers carefully taking into account human rights and environmental protection. All of our suppliers have to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • We promote human rights, a living wage, worker empowerment and safe working conditions in our supply chain.
  • We support the personal and professional growth of our employees through training.
  • We are committed to responsible and ethical business practices. 


We have established a Palmazul Code of Conduct, which sets out common principles for responsible behavior in accordance with our values. The Code of Conduct also demonstrates to our external stakeholders the importance of ethical behavior for Palmazul Beachwear. New employees are familiarised with the Code of Conduct as part of their orientation and every employee is responsible for acting in compliance with the Code of Conduct.


Palmazul Beachwear works closely with its suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards. All of Palmazul’s products are designed and manufactured in Colombia. We develop strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers to ensure a consistency of quality and continuity of style in our collections.

The Palmazul Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that Palmazul products are made in fair, safe and ethical conditions - from inception to delivery. Our Code of Conduct codifies high standards of social, ethical, safety and environmental practices and requires every one of our suppliers to satisfy strict criteria before we engage with them. Purchase agreements signed with the suppliers bind the supplier to comply with Palmazul’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Adherence to the Code of Conduct is monitored. 

Palmazul Beachwear has strong values. One of our values, "fairness to everyone" reaches to our own personnel and our customers, but also to our supply chain – for example, to workers who manufacture Palmazul’s products. For us it is important that our actions have a positive impact on people's daily lives, whether they are our customers or workers in our supply chain.

Respect for human rights is included in Palmazul’s Supplier Code of Conduct which includes principles for example against child labor and forced labor, the right for the workers to organise and the right to equal treatment. We recognise that the risks of human rights violations in a supply chain extend from the suppliers with whom we maintain a business relationship, further, to raw materials producers and handlers. We assess the risks of human rights violations and breaches of our Supplier Code of Conduct, right throughout our value chain.

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