Palmazul Beachwear was born in Colombia and raised in the world. We are committed to empowering all women to love and celebrate their bodies, to live a life of adventure, fun and excitement… and to look amazing while they are doing it. 

Our designs are exotic, unique and cutting edge. We were born in Colombia, in the Caribbean, on the South American north shore and our designs reflect those origins, influenced by our experiences and our travels. We are proud to share this unique and personal piece of ourselves with the world.

Our brand extends far beyond the tangible quality of our products, it encompasses the heart of our homeland and reflects sprinklings of a life lived in the furthest reaches of the world. We feel deeply connected to the natural environment. We want to share our Colombian culture with the world and connect with a like-minded community motivated by the urgings of wanderlust. Those who know that unique, unbridled and indescribable feeling of freedom that accompanies travel- the excitement of the journey and the destination. A spirit of community, an appreciation for cultures and a connection with the natural environment. We hope that you take a little piece of Palmazul with you on your travels. So whether you are on epic adventures, at your local beach or your next pool party, we want to see how you embrace the day and chase that feeling-  #palmazulbeachwear.

All of our bikinis, one piece swimwear items and beach coverups are beautifully handcrafted in Colombia, in the fairest and most ethical conditions. We support local families and invest in local communities. Your ethical purchase contributes to the lives of hard-working Colombian families.

Our Values

   Happy and Free!
 Passionate - we love what we do 
 Friendly and flexible customer service - we want our customers to be  happy with their Palmazul experience and products
 Fairness to everyone in all our dealings and interactions
 Adventurous, creative and open minded
And it goes without saying that we demonstrate absolute integrity and respect in everything we do - in our interactions with all people and in our role as custodians of the planet for future generations.

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