The essence of my homeland is unlike that of anywhere else I’ve ever been, and I’ve been a lot of places. I am celebration, I am the Caribbean, I am flavour, and I am scent. The feeling of wet skin and sand underfoot. I am and I am not. You can’t define me with a single word—I’m a women of subtle shades and varied tones. I am everything: I am magic. Joy is my essence and I am a force of nature. I am pure strength and passion.

I am a traveller, a fleeting explorer of the world. Neither fear nor difficulty can hold me back. I haven’t had it easy but I live to enjoy life … pleasure is the only thing that’s certain. People say I make the most of everything and they’re right.

Ever since I was just a child, I travelled with my family. Now they’re back in the Caribbean and I, a woman with a wandering heart, no good at staying still, decided to come to the other side of the world.

Few people understand that things aren’t perfect in the Caribbean, it’s not all black and white—even chaos is meant to be enjoyed and learned from. Details have always been important to me and so, unsurprisingly, I am meticulous, careful, joyful and full of surprises.

Don’t be fooled, I’m aware of my faults and do everything I can to overcome them; I’m on my own inner journey and I’m doing things my way. I brim with emotion, I like to feel so that I remember, every single day, that I’m alive. There are always people around me and I find it easy to make new friends in new places. I’ve overcome the fear of getting too involved and I now have brothers, sisters, a family, in every place I’ve ever been.

I worry, just like everyone does, but the ocean, the waves, the moon and the sun are my constant companions. Snails, crabs, and the sound of the drum that beats within me, that I tap out with my toes, guide me. Nothing is more calming than diving underwater and feeling the rocking of the waves.

Everything bad is forgotten and all my sorrows sink to the bottom of the sea.

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